Quality Engineer

Mobile, AL - Posted Jun. 14, 2018

Trans Ash, a growing Cincinnati based civil construction & environmental company, has a position for a Quality Engineer in the utility construction industry. The ideal candidate will have at least 3-5 years of experience in a related civil construction position (project management, engineering, estimating, etc) and possess a passionate work ethic.

This position will be based out of Mobile, AL and will require some initial traveling for training. The expected duration of the project is approximately 7-8 years.

Benefits include medical insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, vacation, 401K, and bonus.

Must pass background check, driver's license check and drug test. No exceptions.

Send resume via email to or apply on our website.  NO PHONE CALLS.

Job Description:

Develop and maintain Project Specific Quality Assurance Program.

  • Implements & manages all project-specific Quality Assurance/Quality Control tasks.
  • Preferred Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Civil Construction/Engineering, Construction Management or similar.

Quality Specialist Qualifications:

    1. Develop and Implement the Project Specific Quality Assurance Plans.
    2. Develop a comprehensive working knowledge and understanding of the contract documents (Drawings, Specs, Quality ETC.)
    3. Plan ahead and study specifications for ASTM and other applicable references and communicate with Project Management team in advance of those activities taking place.
    4. Implement engineering procedures, SOP’s & document control
    5. Ensure strict adherence to ethics and compliance requirements at all times.
    6. Provide follow up and enforcement for any inspection or quality deficiencies.
    7. Identified and document lessons learned.
    8. Establish and maintain working relationships with owners, architects, consultants, subcontractors and vendors to ensure that the project-specific QA/QC Plan delivers a fully compliant project.
    9. Understand the project execution plans and coordinate Quality Control procedures at appropriate stages of the work and in line with the project schedule.
    10. Help develop the Site Inspection and Test Plans
    11. Support other operational needs
    12. Implement the Site Inspection and Test plans.These plans should be generated by reviewing all hold points and specifications at the beginning of the project to set an expectation of all quality requirements for each task throughout the project
    13. Possesses the desire the improve the Company
    14. Know all required hold points for the project
    15. Hold all responsible parties accountable for outstanding items
    16. Make sure that all closeout document requirements are procured and organized per the specifications.

Additional Qualifications:

  1. Help create engineering, SOP’s and Document Control Procedures
  2. Provide Operations support for shop drawing review and interpretation
  3. Understands in detail how to read and interpret construction schedules, drawings and specifications and how they relate to the project.High level of involvement with the site operations team, assumes more of a management role in decision making onsite.
  4. Possess good communication skills and is comfortable representing the company is meetings
  5. Understands basic principle of project controls and project management to provide the project an additional layer of audits for billing and completed work.
  6. Create Site Inspection and Test plans.
  7. Possesses the ability to see the big picture of the quality tasks on the project on how they impact current and future planning and decision within the company.Quality Role should not be viewed as a task, but a control to provide great product to our customers.





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